Vaping Is Not A Gateway Drug


One of the most ridiculous and new myths on the internet by the anti-vapers is that vaping can be a gateway drug to heroin, crack, cocaine and other hardcore drugs. I don’t know where to even begin with this myth. First of all, I hate the idea that gateway drugs are even a thing. NO ONE forces you to do these drugs. No one is putting a gun to your head and forcing you to do these drugs. The problem with some of these drugs is the chemicals inside of them make them highly addicting.

So where does this study come from and this new found research? From New England of all places. Don’t they have better things to do than some random study stating that vaping might cause you to start doing hardcore drugs? There was a study recently published by the New England Journal of Medicine that simply suggested the use of cocaine later in life if you were a consistent vaper.

They used mice to determine (of course they used mice) that the same ones exposed to nicotine for 7 days were far more likely to take on to cocaine and do it than the ones who weren’t exposed. There’s only one problem with this stupid study: The number of participants. I absolutely hate studies that are done on a few test subjects and then they call it a day. What do these things prove? You cannot play the law of large numbers simply by doing a study on a few test animals or rodents. Rodents are not people.

Rodents do not have the same emotions and connections as people. So what did this study prove, if anything? It’s a great leap to say that a study in mice can show just how humans will be affected by vaping smoke. If there’s one thing that people need to do, its stop believing the stupid lies they see on the media about vaping. Here’s what you all need to understand about the media. Are you ready for the big secret?

The media lies. Everything about the media isn’t for the truth. There is no part of the media that exists to tell you the truth or to bring you factual information. The media exists solely for the viewership and the exposure they get. Let’s explore what would happen if the media told you the truth and never told you anything exciting. They would plummet in views and would probably end up being dropped from their network as result.

The reason the media lies is because they need to keep fear instilled in you. They need to keep that fear in you to make sure they have a firm grasp on you at all times. The media isn’t your friend; they use psychological warfare to keep you watching to see what awful things are happening in the world. Why do you think the weather is always so late or why they make you sit through a lot of news stories first?

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